Sunrise launches ‘special’ scheme on loan against share collateral

sunrise-bank-logo Sunrise Bank Ltd has brought a special scheme ‘Share Bank Ma, Paisa Saath Ma’ whereby investors can get loan from the bank against their shares as collateral.
Under this special scheme, the investors can put their shares in the bank as the collateral to obtain loans which carries 9 percent annual interest rate.
The bank has said that the ‘Sunrise Share Loan’ scheme which came into effect from August 1 will last till mid-November.
According to the bank, it will extend such loans against the collateral of ordinary shares of those listed companies which are categorized as ‘A’ class by Nepal Stock Exchange.

source: sharesansar


Sunrise Bank: Financial results

Sunrise Bank Limited has published an unaudited financial results as at third quarter of the fiscal year 2067/68.

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Sunrise Bank Limited: financial results

Sunrise Bank Limited has published unaudited financial results quarterly as at second quarter of the fiscal year 2067/68.

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Sunrise Bank Limited:AGM minute

Sunrise Bank Limited has published its AGM minute.

Sunrise Bank Limited: cash dividend

Sunrise Bank Limited will distribute cash dividend from 2067/09/14.

Sunrise controversy

The rift between the board of directors of Sunrise Bank settled on Thursday. The board members were present at the press conference organized by the bank to reveal the lasted detail on Thursday. The conflict among board members had gone as far as knocking the door of the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). NRB on Wednesday had warned the board members to either sort out the problem among themselves or it would intervene.

Sunrise Fat Savings

sunrise_logo Sunrise Bank has introduced a new savings account named Sunrise Fat Savings Account.

It offers 10.50 percent interest on an annual basis, said a press statement issued by the bank.

Customers will also get free online banking, cheque book, SMS banking, ATM card, ABBS and account statement facilities under this scheme.

The bank has 35 branches and 34 ATM counters across the country.