Banks are expanding horizons

Global Bank’s  new branches

global-bank In an endeavour to provide modern banking access to large section of the society, the Global Bank Limited opened its branch at Fikkal, Ilam on Monday.

According to the bank press statement, the new branch will provide a complete banking facilities o the customers of the area. It plans to open branch offices at Kupondole and New Baneshwor soon.

The bank has Rs 1 billion paid-up capital. Its deposit mobilization and operating profit stood at Rs 13 billion and Rs 183 million respectively. The bank has Rs 12.25 billion total investment.


Laxmi Bank’s new branches
Laxmi-Bank-Logo As part of its strategy to strengthen banking network in the western development region, Laxmi Bank Limited has opened its new branch in Nepalgunj and Butwal.

The new branches joined the Bhairahawa business hub as part of the bank’s western network. Laxmi Bank plans to strengthen it’s presence in the western part of the country.

It has a network of 22 branches and 16 ATMs in addition to more than 400 payment agents across the country.


Stock Market News(2066/10/12)

  • Laxmi Bank Limited is distributing share certificate of 43 lakh 92 thousand 344 lots right share form 2066/10/12.
  • Uddam Bikas Bank is alloted 1 lakh 50 thousand kitta ordinary share on 2066/10/11.
  • Pachimanchal Development Bank is issuing 21 lakh lots right share. Issue opening date:2066/11/2 , Issue closing date: 2066/12/8. Issue manager: Grow More Merchant Limited . Book close: 2066/10/12